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  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function is showing the decrement value of two numbers.
  • In , and are any real numbers.
  • Value is the Minuend and By is the Subtrahend.
  • So Minuend is the number that is to be subtracted from and Subtrahend is the number that is to be subtracted.
  • Decrement is the difference value of Value and By.
  • This function will returns the result as NaN when the parameters are non-numeric.


  1. DECREMENT(456,123) =333
  2. DECREMENT(198.452,23.56) = 174.892
  3. DECREMENT(453,672) = -219
  4. DECREMENT(45,-23) = 68
  5. DECREMENT(2/3,1/4) = 0.41666666666666663

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