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  • is any date value.


  • This function shows the date serial value for the given date.
  • In , is any date value.
  • Here date value should be from 1 to 31 and 1 to 12 for months.
  • We can specify relative dates for each argument using any numeric expression that represents some number of days, months, or years before or after a certain date.
  • When any argument exceeds the accepted range for that argument, it increments to the next larger unit as appropriate.
  • For example, if you specify 35 days, it is evaluated as one month and some number of days, depending on where in the year it is applied.
  • If the date specified by the three arguments falls outside the acceptable range of dates, an error occurs.


  1. DATESERIAL("45") = "2044-12-31T18:30:00.000Z"
  2. DATESERIAL("152") = "0151-12-31T18:30:00.000Z"
  3. DATESERIAL("98") = "1997-12-31T18:30:00.000Z"

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