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DATEVALUE (String,IgnoreTime)

  • represents a date in CALCI format.
    • DATEVALUE(),converts a date in the form of text to a serial number.


  • This function gives the serial number of the given .
  • This is used to convert a date in the form of text to a specified serial number.
  • By default , the serial number starts from 1/1/1900.
  • i.e the serial number of "8/15/1947" or "15-Aug-1947" is 53918.
  • This function will give the result as Error, when the is below 1/1/1900.
  • If the year value is not entered in the , this function will consider the current year.
  • Time information in is ignored.
  • We can use the DD/MM/YYYY format also. For Example:"14/5/2005[DD/MM/YYYY]".
  • We can use Range values also. For Example: DATEVALUE(#3/20/2005-5/23/2006).
  • #date notation needs mm/dd/yy format .


  • The syntax for the function DATEVALUE in ZOS is .
  • is representing the date in the required format.
  • For e.g., DATEVALUE(#01/01/1998-6/01/1998)


  • =DATEVALUE("3/20/2005")=38431
  • =DATEVALUE("6/7/1960")=58599
  • =DATEVALUE("1-APR-1976")=27851
  • =DATEVALUE("12/12")=37237 for the current year 2013.
  • =DATEVALUE("23/4/2015[DD/MM/YYYY]") = 42117

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