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  • where is the date till which number of days are to be found.


  • This function calculates the number of days from the first day of the year to the specified date of the same year.
  • The output is the integer value.
  • Date should be entered in the DATE function format. i.e DATE(2014,1,7) for 7th day of January, 2014.
  • For e.g:DAYSINYEARTILLDATE(Date(2017,1,7)).
  • We can use the DD/MM/YYYY format also. For Example:"14/5/2005[DD/MM/YYYY]".
  • We can use Range values also. For Example: DAYSINYEARTILLDATE(#7/1/2017-7/1/2018).
  • #date notation needs mm/dd/yy format .


  • The syntax is to calculate DAYSINYEARTILLDATE in ZOS, Z3 and ZCALCI is .
  • is the date for which number of days are to be found.


  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE("2017,1,7")= 7day (Output inZOS, Z3)
  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE("1-7-2017") = 7day (Output inZOS, Z3)
  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE("4-FEB-2014") = 35day (Output inZOS, Z3)
  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE(Date(2017,1,7)) = 79day (Output in ZCALCI)
  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE("today") = 147day
  • DAYSINYEARTILLDATE("next month") = 178day

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