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FIXED (Number,DecPlaces)

  • where 'Number' is the number to round, and
  • 'DecPlaces' is the number of digits after the decimal point.
    • FIXED(), formats a number as text with a fixed number of decimals.


FIXED (Number,DecPlaces)

  • For Example, FIXED(4567.786,1) returns 4567.8
  • 'Number' can be up to 15 bit number. If exceeded, Calci displays #ERROR message.
  • If 'Number' is negative, Calci rounds the number to left of the decimal point.
  • Calci displays an #ERROR message, if number is non-numeric.
  • 'DecPlaces' is optional. If not mentioned, Calci assumes it to be '2'.
  • The result is displayed as a text.


Function Output
FIXED(35.56,1) 35.6
FIXED(99999.9,4) 99999.9000
FIXED(-45) -45.00
FIXED(7866.44,-2) 7900

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