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FIXEDBAD (num,decimalNum,bolLeadingZero,bolParens)

  • is any number.
  • is any decimal value.


  • This function used to fix the given decimal places.
  • In , is any number.
  • is number which is used to correct the decimal places.
  • To fix the decimal numbers the following rule is to be followed:If 5 or above then round the last number up.
  • If 4 or below the last number stays the same.Suppose to round off decimal numbers to the nearest hundredths, look at the digit in the thousandths place.
  1. When the digit in the thousands place is < 5, the thousandths place and following digits are replace by 0.
  2. When the digit in the thousands place is = or > 5, the digit in the hundredths places is increased by 1 and the following digits become 0.


  1. FIXEDBAD(189.434,2) = 189.43
  2. FIXEDBAD( 27.987,1) = 27.9
  3. FIXEDBAD(2.14326,4) = 2.1432

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