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  • is the order of the matrix.


  • This function gives the matrix with the property of Frobenius.
  • A Frobenius matrix is a special kind of square matrix from numerical mathematics.
  • A square matrix is a Frobenius matrix if it has the following three properties:
  1. All entries on the main diagonal are ones
  2. The entries below the main diagonal of at most one column are arbitrary
  3. Every other entry is zero.
  • And also Frobenius matrices are invertible.
  • The inverse of a Frobenius matrix is again a Frobenius matrix, equal to the original matrix with changed signs outside the main diagonal.
  • Here MATRIX("frobenius") gives the frobenius matrix of order 3.
  • In calci, users can get a different order of matrices also.


  1. MATRIX("frobenius") = 1
  2. MATRIX("frobenius",3)
1 0 0
0 1 0
0 0.7699975343421102 1

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