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  • Parameters are any set of positive real numbers.
    • GEOMEAN(),Returns the geometric mean.


  • This function gives the Geometric Mean of an array or references.
  • For example, it is used to calculate average rate of growth of human population.
  • The Geometric Mean of two numbers is, the square root of their product.
  • The Geometric Mean of the three numbers is, the cube root of their product.
  • So the geometric mean of numbers is defined as the root of the product of the numbers.
  • In , Parameters are any set of positive real numbers and first parameter is required. From second parameters are optional.
  • The arguments can be numbers,names,arrays or references that contain numbers.
  • Also we can directly use logical values and text representations of numbers.
  • The values are ignored, when the argument contains logical values or empty cells.
  • The Geometric and Arithmetic Means are equal, when all the numbers in the given set are equal, otherwise the Geometric Mean of a data set is less than the data set's Arithmetic Mean.
  • The geometric mean of a data set is given by:

  • This function will give the result as error when
1.Any one of the argument is non-numeric
2.Any one 
3.Any one of the references cannot be translated in to numbers.


  • The syntax is to calculate GEOMEAN in ZOS is .
    • Parameters are any set of positive real numbers.
  • For e.g.,GEOMEAN(1,2,3,4,5),GEOMEAN(11.5..20.5..0.5)
Geometric Mean


  1. =GEOMEAN(3,27) = 9
  2. =GEOMEAN(2,4,8) = 3.9999999999999996
  3. =GEOMEAN(3,5,8,10,12) = 6.786916380543178
  4. =GEOMEAN(-2,32) = #N/A (NUMBER > 0 REQUIRED)

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