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  • is of the form
    • IMABS(),returns the absolute value (modulus) of a complex number


  • This function gives the absolute value of a complex number of the form .
  • Complex number , where & are real numbers and is the imaginary unit .
  • A complex number's absolute value is measured from zero on the complex number plane.
  • We can use COMPLEX function to convert real and imaginary number into a complex number.
  • The absolute value of a complex number is:


  • The syntax is to calculate IMABS in ZOS is .
    • is of the form .
    • For e.g.,IMABS("5-7i")+IMABS("6+4i")
Absolute Value of Imaginary Number


  • IMABS("6+8i") = = = 10
  • IMABS("5-7i") = = 8.602325267042627
  • IMABS("-3-5i")= = 5.830951894845301

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