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IMCOS (ComplexNumber)

  • where 'ComplexNumber' is any complex number of the form x+iy.
    • IMCOS(), returns the cosine of a complex number.


  • This function gives the cos value of any complex Number.
  • Consider the complex number in the form of
  • x & y are the real number
  • 'i' is the imaginary unit
  • Also x is called the real part & y is the imaginary patr of a complex number.
  • COMPLEX is the function used to convert Real & Imaginary numbers in to a complex number.
  • is defined by



IMCOS(ComplexNumber) Value
IMCOS("2+3i") -4.189625690968806-ⅈ9.109227893755335
IMCOS("2-3i") -4.189625690968806+ⅈ9.109227893755335
IMCOS("2") -0.4161468365471424+ⅈ0

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