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  • This function is one of the group in ISFUNCTIONS.
  • The IS FUNCTION is also known as data information functions, data inspection functions or data-testing functions.
  • ISTRUE(SomeThing)- is a logical function which returns TRUE as an output when used in a blank cell, this function also does not take any arguments similar to the true function.
  • This function is used with the other conditional functions such as IF function to return TRUE as a value if the condition is satisfied.
  • TRUE has a value 1.
  • There are only two logical values-TRUE and FALSE. ISTRUE is the opposite of ISFALSE.


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Is Function

A TRUE function is a logical function which returns the value TRUE. In excel while calculation or applying any condition, we want that output must return a true value. In these scenarios, we use a TRUE function which is the built-in function in Excel. It is a very useful function when you want to return the output as TRUE based on a condition. A TRUE function is the same like Boolean value TRUE. It’s also called a conditional function.

A TRUE function can be used with other logical functions like IF, ERROR etc.