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ITHPRIME (Index,Max)

  • is any real number
  • is the maximum limit
    • ITHPRIME(), returns the ith prime.



For Example,

ITHPRIME(4,25) returns 7 as a result.

  • ITHPRIME(Index,Max) calculates the th prime number from the Prime Number Series (2,3,5,7,11,13,17..........) and displays as an output, if it is less than value.
  • and should be real numbers, else Calci displays #NULL error message.
  • should be > 2.
  • If is less than the prime number value, Calci displays #NULL error message.


Consider the following example in Calci, that shows the use of ITHPRIME function:

3 6
6 30
=ITHPRIME(A1,A2): Calculates the 3rd prime number in the series, checks if it is < 6. 
Displays 5 as a result. =ITHPRIME(B1,B2): Calculates the 6th prime number in the series, checks if it is < 30.
Displays 13 as a result.

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