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LOWER (Text)

  • is the text which we want change in to a lowercase.
    • LOWER(), Converts text to lowercase.


  • This function used to change the upper case letters in to lower case letters.
  • Upper case letters are the alphabetical capital letters and Lower case are the alphabetical small letters.
  • Capital letters: ABCDEF…..,Small letters: abcdef…. LOWER function will consider only the text.
  • When we are giving any numbers, or any special characters like @,&.. all are ignored.
  • Also we have to give the txt with in double quotes("") or we can use the cell references.


  • The syntax of change the text in to lower case in ZOS is .
    • is the text which we want change in to a lowercase.
  • For e.g.,lower("Double Or Single")
Lower Case


  • LOWER("WONDERFUL")=wonderful
  • LOWER("United Arab Emirates")=united arab emirates
  • LOWER("Train No is 16245")=train no is 16245
  • LOWER("Time %")=time %
  • LOWER(Small)=Null

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