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MATRIXFLIP (GeneratedMatrix,About)

  • is any matrix.


  • This function returns flip value of the given matrix.
  • In , is any matrix.
  • Here this function is flipping array up to down.
  • That is row values of the given matrix is changed in to column value of the flipped matrix.
  • So first row values will display in the first column value.
  • When doing the flipping of rows in to columns number of rows are less than number of columns then the remaining values show as null.
  • For example,MATRIXFLIP([10,16;10,18]),here after flipping the first row entries are 10 and 10 and 2nd row entries are 16 and 18.


1. MATRIXFLIP([2,3,4;6,8,3;12,15,17])

2 6 12
3 8 15
4 3 17

2. MATRIXFLIP([4,6;3,8;5,39])

4 3
6 8
null null

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