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  • is any matrix.


  • This function is calculating the square root of the given matrix.
  • In , is any matrix.
  • Squaring is the value that can be multiplied by itself to give the original number.
  • The square root of a number is the inverse operation of squaring that number.
  • Every non-negative real number a has only one non-negative square root, called the principal square root, which is denoted by , where is called the radical sign or radix.
  • Square roots of positive whole numbers that are not perfect squares are always irrational numbers.
  • To find the square root of the matrix,simply find the square root value of the each entries in the given matrix.


1. MATRIXSCALARSQRT([[2,3,4],[10,16,13.2]])

1.4142135623730951 1.7320508075688772 2
3.162277660168379 4 3.63318042491699

2. MATRIXSCALARSQRT([[10,17,-23,44.2,36],[144,15,34,12,18.3],[45,87,90,-54,76.4]])

3.162277660168379 4.123105625617661 NaN 6.648308055437865 6
12 3.872983346207417 5.830951894845301 3.4641016151377544 4.277849927241488
6.708203932499369 9.327379053088816 9.486832980505138 NaN 8.740709353364863

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