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MAXIF (Array,Condition,SumArray)

  • is the set of values.
  • is the particular condition value.


  • This function shows the maximum value with in the given set.
  • In , is the set of values.
  • is special condition which is for given array.Maximum value is the largest value in the set of values.
  • So this function returns the any one maximum value which satisfies the specified condition.
  • value can be numbers, logical values, text, array or references that contain numbers.
  • If the logical values and text values are entered directly in the argument, or as a part of array or reference, are counted in finding the MAX value.
  • The logical value TRUE is considered '1' and FALSE is considered '0'.
  • Any text is evaluated with value 0.
  • This function will return the result as error when any one of the argument is non-numeric or the referred array cannot translated in to numbers.
  • suppose we want to consider the logical values in a referred array , we can include in the MAXA function.


  1. MAXIF([12,87,13,10,9,13],">10") = 87
  2. MAXIF([15,19,20,25,27,32],"<20") = 19
  3. MAXIF([1.001,1.1,1.02,1.06,1.005,1.08,2.3],"<1.06") = 1.02
  4. MAXIF([1.001,1.1,1.02,1.06,1.005,1.08,2.3],">1.06") = 2.3

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