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  • Parameters are any set of numbers.
    • MINA(), returns the smallest value in a list of arguments, including numbers, text, and logical values.


  • This function gives the smallest number in a given set of values.
  • In , First parameter is required and from the second parameter are optional.
  • Here Parameters can be numbers, names, arrays or references that contain numbers.
  • Also logical values and text representations can be valid.
  • Suppose the argument contain the logical value TRUE , it is considered as 1 and if it is FALSE ,it is considered as 0.
  • In a referred array only numbers are considered.
  • Empty cells,logical values or text in the referred array are not considered.
  • suppose the arguments contain no numbers then this gives the value as 0.
  • This functon will return the result as error when any one of the argument is nonnumeric or the referred array cannot translated in to numbers.
  • If we want make logical values and text representations of numbers as dummy then we can use the MIN function.


  • The syntax is to calculate minimum number in the given set of numbers in ZOS is .
    • Parameters are any set of numbers.
  • For e.g.,MINA(1..5,false)


  1. =MINA(5,15,25)=5
  2. =MINA(-1,-6,-9,-15)=-15
  3. =MINA(0.252,0.234,0.214,0.2)=0.2
  4. =MINA(2,5,7,TRUE)=1
  5. =MINA(4,7,9,FALSE)=0

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