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PMTLISTING (Rate,Period,NoPaymentPeriods,PresentValue,FutureValue,Type)


  • is the rate of interest.
  • is the number of period.
  • is the number of installments.
    • PMTLISTING() calculates the payment for a loan based on constant payments and a constant interest rate.


PMTLISTING (Rate,Period,NoPaymentPeriods,PresentValue,FutureValue,Type)

  • is the annual rate of interest for the loan.
  • is the number of periods.
  • is the total number of payment periods in an annuity.
  • is the present value or the amount borrowed or the principal of the loan.
  • is the future value of an investment or loan (the value you want to achieve at the end of all periods).
  • is the number 0 or 1 which is specifies the time to make a payment during the period.
  • When we are not giving the value of ty, then it is assumed to be 0.
  • The amount given by the function PMT not containing any taxes,reserve payments or extra fees related with the loan.
  • But it contains only the principal amount and interest only.


  1. PMTLISTING(0.09/12,10,20,50000,10000,0) = -3166.8379163721756 -2986.0405046809483 -180.7974116912274
  2. PMTLISTING(0.11/12,7,14,25000) = -1910.9086778706514 -1776.3836036389553 -134.52507423169618
  3. PMTLISTING(0.09/12,10,20,50000,10000,1) = -3143.263440567916 -2962.184262392901 -179.4515252518386

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