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PVIF (Rate,NumberOfPayments)

  • is the rate of interest.
  • is the number of installments.


  • This function shows the present value interest factor.
  • In , is the rate of intesrest.
  • is the number of installments.
  • The present value factor which is a factor used to calculate an estimate of the present value of an amount to be received in a future period.
  • The present value factor is also called present value interest factor.
  • The formula for PVIF is :

,where r = interest rate per period.n = number of periods.

  • This function will return the result as NaN when any one of the parameter is non numeric.


  1. PVIF(9,3) = 1000
  2. PVIF(7.3,13) = 887187064230.8887
  3. PVIF(3.65,45) = 1.0848829404063244e+30

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