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SIZE (Matrix,Dimension)

  • is the set of values.
  • is size of the matrix.


  • This function gives the size of the given matrix.
  • In , can be any set of values.
  • The number of rows and columns of a matrix, written in the form rows×columns.
  • The given set of matrix value can be square matrix or rectangular matrix.
  • Square matrix means the number of rows is equal to the number of columns.
  • Rectangular matrix means the number of rows is not equal to number of columns.
  • So the first value is indicating for row size and the second value is indicating for column size.


  1. SIZE([[1,9,5],[3,2,-4],[2,0,-12]]) = 3 3
  2. SIZE([[6,9,4,7,3],[5,9,11,34,78],[2,0,-2,8,9],[6,5,3,2,9]]) = 4 5
  3. SIZE([[1,7,9,34,23,65,12],[0,-5,6/7,4.5,7,8,7]]) = 2 7

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