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SLOG (Number,Base)

  • is any real number.
  • is any positive real number.


  • This function shows the super logarithm of the given number.
  • In , is the value to find log value.
  • is the base value of the Log.
  • SLOG is the super-logarithm which is one of the two inverse functions of tetration.
  • This is also called Tetra logarithm.
  • The two exponentiation function powers and exponentials have two inverse functions roots and logarithms,the two tetration functions tetra powers and tetra exponentials have two inverse functions tetra roots and tetra logarithms also called super roots and super logarithms.
  • The super-logarithm, written is defined implicitly by


  1. SLOG(45,5) = 1.534887252451906
  2. SLOG(187,3) = 2.3195001328620837
  3. SLOG(-342,4) = -2

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