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  • is any positive number.
    • SQRT(), returns a positive square root.


  • This function gives the square root of a positive real number.
  • Squaring is the value that can be multiplied by itself to give the original number.
  • The square root of a number is the inverse operation of squaring that number.
  • The root of a number is an equal factor of the number.
  • Every non-negative real number a has only one non-negative square root, called the principal square root, which is denoted by , where is called the radical sign or radix.
  • Square roots of positive whole numbers that are not perfect squares are always irrational numbers.
  • Numbers not expressible as a ratio of two integers .
    This function will give the result as NaN when n is a negative number.


  1. =SQRT(0)=0
  2. =SQRT(1)=1
  3. =SQRT(136)= 11.661903789690601
  4. =SQRT(ABS(-625))= 25
  5. =1..10@SQRT
Number Square Root
1 1
2 1.4142135623730951
3 1.7320508075688772
4 2
5 2.23606797749979
6 2.449489742783178
7 2.6457513110645907
8 2.8284271247461903
9 3
10 3.1622776601683795

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