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  • is the set of y values.
  • is the set of x values.
  • is the new x value.
  • is the constant value.
    • TREND() returns values along a linear trend.


  • This function calculating the trend line using the given set of and values.
  • Trend line is the straight line which joins two or more points in the upward direction.
  • It is calculating using the equation ,which is the simple equation for the straight line.
  • In this equation is the independent variable, is the dependent variable, is the slope of the line and is the constant which is equal to when .
  • In , is the set of y-values to find the linear trend, is the set of x- values to find the linear trend, is the set of new x-values for which the function calculates corresponding new y-values and is the constant.
  • It is either TRUE or FALSE. If ForceConst value is TRUE or omitted, then it is calculated normally.
  • If value is FALSE, then in the equation , and .
  • Here is required. , and are optional.
  • If value is omitted, then it is assumed to be the array{1,2,3..} which is the same size of . If value is omitted, then it is assumed to be the same size of .
  • If both and are omitted, then they are assumed to be the array {1,2,3..} which is the same size of KnownYs.
  • function is used for polynomial curve fitting by regressing against the same variable raised to different powers.
  • When entering an array constant for an argument such as , use commas to separate values in the same row and semicolons to separate rows.


DAYS(x) SALES(y) x1
1 1 40 10
2 2 35 11
3 3 42 12
4 4 50 13
5 5 54 14
6 6 49
7 7 51
8 8 58
9 9 60
  1. =TREND(B1:B9,A1:A9,C1:C5)
  1. =TREND(B1:B9,A1:A9,C1:C5,FALSE)

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