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Editor and Short cut Keys

In the code editor, generally, you can type the function name (case sensitive), and Shift+Enter will give you parameter expansion. Say CUBEROOT and Shift+Enter will give you CUBEROOT(Number)

or PMT Shift+Enter will give you PMT(Rate,NoPaymentPeriods,PresentValue,FutureValue,Type)

Generally z^3 Editor automatically shows a listbox with likely functions that you could use given a few letters.

Code expansion also works with things like for, ifelse, switch, zswitch, zif, etc. Simply press Shift+Enter after you type the term.

Say, type FOR and then press Shift+Enter.

Errors are highlighted immediately to give you help with typing things in correctly.

Most functions are Combanatorial. That means you can run them as: PMT((12..20)%,12,1000) or SQRT(1..100) or COMBIN(10..100..10,2..3) etc.