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CONVERT (Number,FromUnit,ToUnit,DoNotConvertUsingEquivalents,MatchAllOnLeft,MatchAllOnRight)

  • is the value in to change.
  • is the units for the value.
  • is the units for the result.
    • CONVERT(),Converts a number from one measurement system to another


  • This function converts one unit system to another unit system.
  • Example:To change the length in kilometer unit to standard unit meter.
  • and will accept any units which we need to give in " "(double quotes).

This function show the result as Error:

  1. when the input value are incorrect
  2. when the and does not exist
  3. when the units are in not same groups.

Unit names and indications are case-sensitive.

Weight/Mass Fromunit or Tounit
Gram "g"
Kilo gram "kg"
Slug "sg"
Pound mass "lbm"
U(atomic mass unit) "u"
Ounce mass "ozm"
Distance Fromunit or Tounit
Meter "m"
Kilometer "km"
Statute mile "mi"
Nautical mile "Nmi"
Inch "in"
yard "yd"
Foot "ft"
Angstrom "ang"
Pica(1/72 in.) "Pica"
Time Fromunit or Tounit
Year "yr"
Day "day"
Hour "hr"
Minute "mn"
Second "sec"
Pressure Fromunit or Tounit
Pascal "Pa"
Atmosphere "atm"
mm of Mercury "mmHg"
Force Fromunit or Tounit
Newton "N"
Dyne "dyn"
Pound Force "lbf"
Energy Fromunit or Tounit
Joule "J"
Erg "e"
IT calorie "cal"
Thermodynamic calorie "c"
Electron volt "eV"
Foot pound "flb"
Horsepower hour "HPh"
Watt-hour "Wh"
Kilocalorie "kcal"
Power Fromunit or Tounit
Horse power "HP"
Watt "W"
Magnetism Fromunit or Tounit
Gauss "ga"
Tesla "T"
Temperature Fromunit or Tounit
Kelvin "K"
Degree Celsius "C"
Degree Fahrenheit "F"
Liquid Measure Fromunit or Tounit
Liter "l"
Milliliter "ml"
Gallon "gal"
Quart "qt"
U.K.pint "uk_pt"
U.S.pint "pt"
Cup "cup"
Fluid ounce "oz"
Teaspoon "tsp"
Tablespoon "tbs"

For Example, =CONVERT(1.50, "lbm", "kg") is 0.6804


  • The syntax to CONVERT units in ZOS is
    • is the value in to change.
    • is the units for the value.
    • is the units for the result.
  • For e.g.,CONVERT(10.5..12.5..0.25,"in","ft")
Unit Convertion


Equation Number Fromunit Tounit Result
CONVERT(10,"ozm","sg") 10 ozm sg 0.019425668878
CONVERT(30,"lbm","kg") 30 lbm kg 13.60776929
CONVERT(0.5,"mi","m") 0.5 mi m 804.6719999999999
CONVERT(0.002,"km","Nmi") 0.002 km Nmi 0.001079
CONVERT(5,"ft","in") 5 ft in 60
CONVERT(7,"yd","ang") 7 yd ang 64007999999.9
CONVERT(5,"yd","Pica") 5 yd Pica 12959.99
CONVERT(15,"Pa","mmHg") 15 Pa mmHg 0.112509
CONVERT(4, "yr","day") 4 yr day 1461
CONVERT(1.5,"mn","sec") 1.5 mn sec 90
CONVERT(15,"lbf","N") 15 lbf N 66.72333
CONVERT(10,"BTU","J") 10 BTU J 10550.581
CONVERT(15,"W","HP") 15 W HP 0.020115301
CONVERT(45,"T","ga") 45 T ga 450000
CONVERT(90,"degF","degK") 90 degF degK 305.3722222
CONVERT(100,"oz","cup") 100 oz cup 12.5
CONVERT(25,"pt","qt") 45 pt qt 12.5

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