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  • where is the number .
  • EXP() returns e raised to the power of a given number


  • This function gives the raised to the power of number.
  • In , where represents the exponent of or .
  • The approximate value of the constant and it is equal to or .
  • It is called the Mathematical Constant or Euler's Number or Napier's Constant.
  • It is the base of natural logarithm.
  • It can be calculate the sum of infinite series:
  • And the inverse function of the natural logarithm function is the exponential function:



  • The syntax is to calculate the EXP in ZOS is .
    • where is the number .
  • For e.g.,(-9)..5..2@EXP


  • =EXP(1)=2.718281828459045
  • =EXP(0)=1
  • =EXP(-5)=0.0067379469990
  • =EXP(6.3)=544.5719101259

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