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  • is any value


  • function checks if the argument returns the value 'true' or 'false'. For argument value other than 'true' or 'false' it returns the result as 'false'.
  • This function is one of the group in .
  • The is also known as data information functions, data inspection functions or data-testing functions.
  • This function is gives the result as TRUE when the given value is logical like either true or false otherwise this function will return the result as FALSE.
  • Argument can be blank, or it can contain data such as text, numbers, error values, or logical values.


  • The syntax is to calculate ISBOOLEAN in ZOS is .
    • is the any value.
  • For e.g.,ISBOOLEAN(TRUE)


  1. =ISBOOLEAN(TRUE)= true
  2. =ISBOOLEAN(FALSE)= true
  3. =ISBOOLEAN(1)=false
  4. =ISBOOLEAN(0)=false
  5. =ISBOOLEAN(2)=false
  6. =ISBOOLEAN(8>5)= true
  7. =ISBOOLEAN(SUM(5,6)>PRODUCT(2,5))= true

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