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  • and are any real numbers.


  • This function gives the remainder of the number after dividing with some number.
  • When we divide two integers we will get the result like this: with remainder . Here is the dividend, is the divisor, is the Quotient and is the remainder.So .
  • For e.g., UNITMOD(5,2)=1. Here 1 is the remainder.
  • This function gives an error when value is 0.
  • and can be positive or negative. Suppose and are of same sign either '+' or '-',then the resultant sign is also the same.
  • But and are with different sign, then the result will come with the sign of .


  • The syntax is to calculate remainder of the given numbers in ZOS is .
    • and are any real numbers.
  • For e.g.,UNITMOD(10,2),UNITMOD(50.2,-4)


  1. =UNITMOD(5,2)=1
  2. =UNITMOD(-11,-3)=-2
  3. =UNITMOD(25,5)=0
  4. =UNITMOD(12,-4)=0
  5. =UNITMOD(85,-9)=4
  6. =UNITMOD(-52,7)=-3
  7. =UNITMOD(0,9)=0
  8. =UNITMOD(9,0)=null
  9. =UNITMOD(5.5,2)=1.5

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