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  • and are any two matrices.


  • This function shows the value of the Hadamard product.
  • In , and are two matrices.
  • Hadamard product is also called Schur product or entrywise product.
  • The Hadamard product is associative,commutative and distributive.
  • This product is the multiplied value of the each corresponding entries with the given two same dimension matrices.
  • Hadamard product is defined by,For two matrices, A and B of the same dimension mxn, the Hadamard product , is a matrix, of the same dimension as the operands, with elements given by:

  • Hadamard Product of order 2 is calculated by:



1. HADAMARDPRODUCT([[2,3],[10,14]],[[6,4],[8,3]])

12 12
80 42

2. HADAMARDPRODUCT([[6,3,10],[5,-7,12],[4,2,6]],[[4,5,6],[9,2,-5],[12,13,7]])

24 15 60
45 -14 -60
48 26 42

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