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  • is the set of values.


  • This function shows the solution for the Linear equation with two variables.
  • In , is the set values for two equations.
  • If a ,b and r are real numbers also a and b are not equal to 0,then ax+by=r is called a linear equation in two variables.
  • Here x and y are two variables.
  • The numbers a and b are called the coefficients of the equation.
  • Also the number r is called the constant.
  • There are three ways to solve the linear equation:
1. Graphing method.
2. Substitution method.
3.elimination by addition method.
  • This function will return the result as Error when the given parameters are non numeric.


  1. LINEAREQUATION([[1,1,5],[1,-1,3]]) = 4 1
  2. LINEAREQUATION([[5,2,4],[-2,1,11]]) = -2 7
  3. LINEAREQUATION([[7,-3,4],[10,6,-11]]) = -0.125 -1.625

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