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ADDRESS (RowNumber,ColumnNumber,AbsoluteOption,ReferenceStyle,TableName)

  • is the row number
  • is the column number
  • the type of reference to return
  • is the logical value
  • is the name of the Calci worksheet to be used as the external reference.
    • ADDRESS(), returns a reference as text to a single cell in a worksheet.


  • This function generates a cell address as text, given specified row and column numbers.
AN Types of reference
1 or omitted Absolute
2 Absolute row,relative column
3 Relative row,absolute column
4 Relative

A1   is a logical value CText  is text specifying the name of the calcisheet to be used as the external reference.


  • =ADDRESS(2,3) : Table1!$C$2
  • =ADDRESS(2,3,1) : Table1!$C$2
  • =ADDRESS(2,3,2) : Table1!C$2
  • =ADDRESS(2,3,3) : Table1!$C2
  • =ADDRESS(2,3,4) : Table1!C2
  • =ADDRESS(2,3,4,"FALSE","CALCI") : CALCI!C2

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