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  • is any date.


  • This function converts a date that is stored as text to a serial number.
  • This function is useful in where a worksheet contains dates in a text format that you want to filter, sort, or format as dates, or use in date calculations.
  • The date format is mentioned as [DATE]
  • If the year portion of the date_text argument is omitted, the DATEVALUE function uses the current year from your computer's built-in clock. Time information in the date_text argument is ignored.


  1. DATETOEXCEL("8/22")= 37125
  2. DATETOEXCEL("10/22/1999") = 36455
  3. DATETOEXCEL("9/17/2006") = 38977
  4. DATETOEXCEL("9/5/2010") = 40426

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