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GAMMAINV (probability,alpha,beta,accuracy,somenumberofiterations)

  • is the probability value associated with gamma distribution
  • & are the values of the shape and rate parameters.
  • gives accurate value of the solution.
  • is any positive integer.
    • GAMMAINV(),returns the inverse of the gamma cumulative distribution.


  • This function gives the inverse value of Cumulative Gamma Probability Distribution.
  • This distribution is the Continuous Probability Distribution on the positive real line and it is of the reciprocal of a variable distributed according to the gamma distribution with two parameters & .
  • It is used in Bayesian statistics.
  • In , is the probability value associated with Gamma Distribution, is called shape parameter and is the rate parameter of the distribution.
  • If , then .
  • GAMMAINV use the iterating method to find the value of .
  • Suppose the iteration has not converged after 100 searches, then the function gives the error result.
  • This function will give the error result when
1.Any one of the arguments are non-numeric
2. or 
3. or 


  1. =GAMMAINV(0.65189,2,5) = 11.1335534510
  2. =GAMMAINV(0.006867292,5,7) = 8.155481331
  3. =GAMMAINV(0.1543869,9,3) = 18.0467153645
  4. =GAMMAINV(1,9,3) = 82.51739521528073
  5. =GAMMAINV(1.1,9,3) = NAN, because

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