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  • is of the form .
    • IMARGUMENT(), returns the argument theta, an angle expressed in radians


  • This function gives the principal value of an argument of a complex-valued expression .
  • i.e The angle from the positive axis to the line segment is called the Argument of a complex number.
  • In this function angle value is in Radians.
  • Here , Where Complexnumber in the form of . i.e & are the real numbers.
  • imaginary unit ..
  • An argument of the complex number is any real quantity such that = for some positive real number .
  • Where and .
  • The argument of a complex number is calculated by in Radians.
  • To change the Radian value to Degree we can use DEGREES function or we can multiply the answer with .
  • We can use COMPLEX function to convert real and imaginary number in to a complex number.


  • The syntax is to calculate argument of a complex number in ZOS is .
    • is of the form .
  • For e.g.,IMARGUMENT("6.72+1.5i")


  1. IMARGUMENT("3-2i") = -0.5880026035475675
  2. IMARGUMENT("5+6i") = 0.8760580505981934
  3. IMARGUMENT("2") = 0
  4. IMARGUMENT("4i") = 1.5707963267948966
  5. DEGREES(IMARGUMENT("2+2i")) = 45°

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