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  • Parameters is of the form .
    • IMSUM(), returns the sum of complex numbers


  • This function gives the sum of the two or more complex numbers.
  • In , Parameters is of the form .
  • where & are the real numbers. is the imaginary unit. .
  • In this function first parameter is required. From the second parameter are optional.
  • Consider two complex numbers z1 and z2 are of the form and .
  • The addition of two complex number is: where and are real numbers.
  • We can use COMPLEX function to convert real and imaginary number in to a complex number.


  • The syntax is to calculate sum of the complex numbers in ZOS is
    • Parameters is of the form .


  1. IMSUM("12+10i","8+16i")=20+26i
  2. IMSUM("-7-12i","-10-4i")=-17-16i
  3. IMSUM("-14i","10-4i")=10-18i
  4. IMSUM("17","24+12i")=41+12i
  5. IMSUM("12+10i","8+16i","5+2i")=25+28i

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