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  • is of the form a+bi.
    • IMCONJUGATE(), returns the complex conjugate of a complex number


  • This function gives the conjugate of a complex number.
  • Let the complex number be , then: and it is denoted by or .
  • So complex number and complex conjugate both also having same real number and imaginary number with

the equal magnitude and opposite sign of a imaginary number.

  • The properties of a Complex Conjugate are:
  1. if imaginary number is '0' and
  2. and
  3. .
  • We can use COMPLEX function to convert the real and imaginary coefficients to a complex number.


  • The Syntax is to calculate IMCONJUGATE in ZOS is .
    • is of the form a+bi.
  • For e.g.,IMCONJUGATE("-10+8.25i")


Equation a bi Conjugate
=IMCONJUGATE("3+4i") 3 4i 3-4i
=IMCONJUGATE("6-7i") 6 -7i 6+7i
=IMCONJUGATE("8j") 0 8j 0-8j
=IMCONJUGATE("2") 2 0 2+0i
=IMCONJUGATE("5+0i") 5 0i 5+0i

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