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ISSTRING (thing)

  • is the value to test.


  • This function is one of the group in ISFUNCTIONS.
  • The IS FUNCTION is also known as Data Information Functions, Data Inspection Functions or Data-testing Functions.
  • ISSTRING function can be used to check the given value is a string or not.
  • This function gives the result as only TRUE or FALSE.
  • The result is TRUE when the value is a string otherwise the result is FALSE..
  • The argument can be blank, or it can contain data such as text,numbers,error values,logical values or any equations.
  • When we giving any argument with in double quotes, this function will consider as the text.


  1. =ISSTRING('Good morning') = true
  2. =ISSTRING(123) = false
  3. =ISSTRING("") = true
  4. =ISSTRING(Good morning) = null
  5. =ISSTRING("123") = true

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