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  • is any square matrix.


  • This function shows the product value of the main diagonal values.
  • In , is any square matrix.
  • The main diagonal of a matrix consists of those elements that lie on the diagonal that runs from top left to bottom right.
  • Main diagonal of a matrix A is defined by A is the collection of entries ,where i=j.
  • So diagonal entries are and so on.
  • Here it is calculating the product of the main diagonal values.
  • So it is calculating and so on.


  1. MATRIXDIAGONALPRODUCT([[5,8,12,13],[4,3,2,8],[7,2,5,3],[3,5,9,11]]) = 825
  2. MATRIXDIAGONALPRODUCT([[1,2,3],[4,5,6],[9,8,6]]) = 30
  3. MATRIXDIAGONALPRODUCT([[14,12],[13,15]]) = 210

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