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MATRIXDIVIDE (a,b,ConsiderUnits)

  • and are any two matrices.


  • This function shows the division value of the given two matrices for each corresponding entries.
  • In , and are two matrices.
  • Matrix division is the basic operation of dividing two matrices with the corresponding entries.
  • Two matrices must have an equal number of rows and columns.
  • Normally we could not do the matrix division directly.
  • Instead of that we can multiply by an inverse.
  • This function is taking corresponding entries and doing the division for each element.
  • Division of matrices A and B is denoted by


1. MATRIXDIVIDE([[6,16],[10,-12]],[[3,4],[5,4]])

2 4
2 -3

2. MATRIXDIVIDE([[32,14,15],[16,-32,76]],[[3,2,5],[-4,6,5]])

10.666666666666666 7 3
-4 -5.333333333333333 15.2

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