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MATRIXMOD (a,b,ConsiderUnits)

  • and are any two matrices.


  • This function gives the remainder of the number after dividing each entries of two matrices.
  • In , and are two matrices.
  • Normally we could not do the matrix division directly.Instead of that we can multiply by an inverse.
  • This function is taking corresponding entries and doing the division for each element.
  • When we divide two integers we will get the result as :X/Y=Q with remainder R.
  • Here X is the dividend, Y is the divisor, Q is the Quotient and R is the remainder.
  • So MOD(n,d)=R.So here each entries in the first matrix is divided by the second matrix and it is displaying only the remainder value.
  • Also the dimension of the both matrices should be the same.
  • Suppose the entries either row or column are more in the first matrix compared with the second matrix then those extra entries will display as NaN.
  • Suppose the entries are more in the second matrix compared with the first matrix then those extra entries will be ignored.


1. MATRIXMOD([[12,25],[30,83]],[[3,4],[7,8]])

0 1
2 3

2. MATRIXMOD([[14,13,19],[23,26,78]],[[3,8,5],[6,14,10]])

2 5 4
5 12 8

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