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MATRIXPOWER (a,b,ConsiderUnits)

  • is any matrix.
  • is any constant value or any matrix.


  • This function shows the power value of all the corresponding entries.
  • In , and are any two matrices.
  • The power of a number indicating how many times we have to multiply the number.
  • Power is also called Exponents or Indices.
  • Here both matrices should be the same dimension.
  • So it is finding the power value of first value in the first matrix to the power first value in the second matrix.
  • Consider 3x3 matrices with the entries and ,i and j= 1,2,3.
  • So it is calculating , and
  • Suppose second matrix is less column or row values then the power value will assigned as 0.
  • After calculating power value the remaining row and column values will display as 1.


1. MATRIXPOWER([2,3,4;5,6,7],5)

32 243 1024
3125 7776 16807

2. MATRIXPOWER([3,4,9;10,12,7;5,4,8],[5,2,7;3,6,9;11,12,13])

243 16 4782969
1000 2985984 40353607
48828125 16777216 549755813888

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