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  • is any matrix.


  • This function gives the e raised to the power of the each number in the given matrix.
  • In , is any matrix of any order.
  • In that .
  • The approximate value of the constant e=2.718281828459045 and it is equal to or .
  • It is the base of natural logarithm.
  • It can be calculate the sum of infinite series:
  • To find EXP of the matrix, simply calculate the EXP of all the entries in the given matrix.
  • For example MATRIXSCALAREXP([2,3;4,5]),it will calculate Exp(2),Exp(3),Exp(4) and Exp(5).


1. MATRIXSCALAREXP([[6,9,12],[43,16,-17],[3,8,10]])

403.428793492735 8103.0839275753815 162754.79141900386
4727839468229338000 8886110.520507867 4.1399377187851695e-8
20.085536923187664 2980.9579870417274 22026.465794806707

2. MATRIXSCALAREXP([[98,7],[3.2,-12]])

3.6379709476087905e+42 1096.6331584284583
24.53253019710935 0.000006144212353328212

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