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  • is any matrix.
  • is any constant value.


  • This function is calculating the constant power value of given matrix.
  • In , is any matrix, is the power value.
  • The power of a number indicating how many times we have to multiply the number.
  • Power is also called Exponents or Indices.
  • Anything raised to the power 0 is equal to 1.
  • To do any operation for the matrices,the order of the matrices are to be considered.
  • But doing any operation with the scalar value the order of matrix is not to be considered.
  • To find the constant power value of the matrix,then each entries in the matrix is get powered with the constant value.


1. MATRIXSCALARPOWER([[12,18,24],[67,45,-32],[90,123,34.3]],8)

429981696 11019960576 110075314176
406067677556641 16815125390625 1099511627776
4304672100000000 52389094428262880 1915812313805.6628

2. MATRIXSCALARPOWER([[45,542,176,10,23],[16,29,-76,22.2,65]],12)

68952523554931640000 6.4267504770646865e+32 8.833890542456054e+26 1000000000000 21914624432020320
281474976710656 353814783205469060 3.71332624731955e+22 14329653645048356 5.688009063105713e+21

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