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  • is the text that needs to be striked through.


  • This function is used to strike through the given text.
  • Strikethrough is a typographical presentation of words with a horizontal line through their center, resulting in text. Contrary to rejected or censored or sanitized texts, the words remain readable.
  • Argument can be text, numbers, or any special characters like @,&...
  • should be entered in double quotes("") for text and special characters. Numbers can be entered directly.
  • Only first argument gets striked through.


  • STRIKETHROUGH("Strike through the text.")= Strike through the text.
  • STRIKETHROUGH("&$#@")= &$#@
  • STRIKETHROUGH(1..10)= 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
  • STRIKETHROUGH("name","address")= name
  • STRIKETHROUGH(cool)=Error

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