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TINV (Probability,DegreeOfFreedom)

  • is the probability value for the two tailed T-distribution.
  • is the degrees of freedom.
    • TINV(), returns the inverse of the Students t-distribution.


  • This function gives the value of the T-distribution.
  • This function is called the inverse function of the T-distribution.
  • In , is the probability value related with the two tailed distribution and is the number of degrees of freedom which is characterize the distribution.
  • i.e., This function is the inverse value of .
  • Suppose we want to find the inverse value of one tailed distribution, then we have to multiply 2 with the prob value.
  • For e.g., TINV(0.078,20) = 1.857683 which is the inverse value of two tailed T-distribution.
  • TINV(2*0.078,20)=1.474181542 which is the inverse value of one tailed T-distribution.
  • Suppose value is decimal then it is converted in to integers.
  • If , then for the two tailed T-distribution.
  • using the iterating method to find the value of .
  • Suppose the iteration has not converged after 100 searches, then the function gives the error result.
  • This function will give the result as error when
    1.Any one of the argument is non-numeric. 
    2.Probability<0 or Probability>1 or DegreeOfFreedom<1.


  1. =TINV(0.0742,55) = 1.820015422
  2. =TINV(2*0.0371,55) = 1.820015422
  3. =TINV(0.65482,29) = 0.451735616
  4. =TINV(0.5,5) = 0.726686844

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