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  • and are the array of values.
  • is the number of distribution tails.
  • is the type of t-test.
    • TTEST() returns the probability associated with a Students t-test.


  • This function gives the probability of the t-test.
  • It is also called student's t-test.
  • This function is used to find the probability of two samples having the same mean but equal or unequal variances.
  • In , and are two set of array values.
  • ta is indicating the number of distribution tails. ta value is either 1 or 2.
  • If Tails=1,then TTEST uses the one-tailed distribution.If Tails=2, then TTEST uses the two-tailed distribution. Type is the type of t-Test. Type value is 1 or 2 or 3.
Type value t-Test is performed
1 Paired
2 Two-sample equal variance
3 Two-sample unequal variance
  • Suppose we are giving ta and ty in decimals , then it will converted in to integers.
  • TTEST uses the value of Array1 and Array2 to find non-negative t-statistic.
  • If Tails=1, then it gives the probability of a higher value of the t-statistic with consideration of two arrays of samples with the same mean.
  • If Tails=2, then TTEST is gives double that when ta=1 and corresponds to the probability of a higher absolute value of the t-statistic with the consideration of same mean.

This function will give the result as error when

     1. Array1 and Array2 have a different number of data points and Type=1.
     2. Any one of the argument is nonnumeric.
     3. Tails>2 and Type>3.


1 3 5 14 10 8 2 15
2 11 19 5 4 15 7 3
  1. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,1,1)=0.399108571503
  2. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,2,1)=0.7982171430076
  3. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,1,2)=0.3725946027453
  4. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,2,2)=0.7451892054907
  5. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,1,3) = 0.37285157760157517
  6. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,2,3) = 0.7457031552031503
  7. =TTEST(A1:G1,A2:G2,2.2,1.3) = NAN

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