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  • where and are two numbers to perform subtraction.


  • This function gives the subtraction value from two numbers.
  • The numbers can be or .
  • Input arguments can be cell references like column or row number, logical values like true or false, or a result from any other functions.
  • Even if more than two numbers are entered as argument, subtraction is carried out for only first two numbers.
  • For arguments other than numbers, constant or logical values, Calci gives an error message.


  • The syntax to calculate subtraction in ZOS is .
  • and are two numbers to be subtracted.


  1. UNITMINUS(40,10) = 30
  2. UNITMINUS(-56,-70) = 14
  3. UNITMINUS(true,true) = 0
  4. UNITMINUS(1.42,3.234) = -1.814
  5. UNITMINUS(10,20,5,5) = -10 (here subtraction is carried out for only first two numbers)
  6. A=14 ; B=6 ; UNITMINUS(A,B) = 8

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