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  • where and  are integer values.


  • XDY() divides the two numbers. First number is the dividend and second number is the divisor.
  • Division is splitting into equal parts or groups.
  • Division is the repeated subtraction and it is the opposite of Multiplication.
  • The division of two natural numbers is the process of calculating the number of times one number is contained within one another.
  • Arguments can be positive or negative.
  • For more than two arguments, only first two values are considered for division. Rest values are ignored.
  • If logical values, empty cells or text are entered directly as a part of argument, they are ignored.
  • If arguments is an array or reference, numbers and logical values are considered. Empty cells and text are ignored.
  • Logical values are evaluated as TRUE=1, FALSE=0.


  1. =XDY(300,5) = 60
  2. =XDY(-456,22) = -20.727272727272727
  3. =XDY(260,20,4) = 13
  4. =XDY(TRUE, 0.6) = 1.6666666666666667

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