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CODE (Text)

  • is the character for which you want the code.
    • CODE(), returns a numeric code for the first character in a text string.


  • CODE()gives a specific CODE for the string entered.
  • The can be of any length in which first character will be taken.
  • The can be a text directly or indirectly like cell reference.
  • The character is from the character set used in our system.
  • Returns a numeric code for the first character of a string.
  • It varies according to Operating environment.
Operating Character Set
Windows ANSI
Macintosh Macintosh Character Set


=CODE("string") string Result
=CODE("ஸ") 3000
=CODE("string") d 100
=CODE(":") : 58
=CODE("Y") Y 89
=CODE("!") ! 33
=CODE("abc".split("")) "abc" 97 98 99

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