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  • and any two set of values.


  • This function shows the Vector Direct product.
  • The third type of vector multiplication is called the direct product, and is written AB.
  • In , and are the two vectors.
  • Multiplying one vector by another under the direct product gives a tensor result.
  • The rectangular components of the direct product may be found by matrix multiplication: one multiplies the column vector A by the transpose of B, which gives a 3X3 matrix:

= =

  • The direct product is non-commutative .
  • A few vector product identities are of interest:


  1. DYADIC([1,2,3],[8,7,6]) = 40
  2. VECTORDIRECTPRODUCT([14,17,20],[22,26,5]) = 850
  3. VECTORDIRECTPRODUCT([2.7,3.9,10.2],[14.5,19,-4]) = 72.45
  4. DYADIC([-8,-4,2],[10,-45,67]) = 234

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